Unless otherwise noted, all vehicles are sold with salvage title. Please contact us with any questions regarding vehicles listed on this page.
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Salvage Title Information

When vehicles are sold with salvage title, they are sold as-is and do not have any warranty. Buyer will receive a sales receipt and Bill of Sale for the vehicle and paperwork can sometimes take several weeks to process. To reregister a salvaged vehicle you will need a smog test and brake & light inspection. In some cases you may also need a vehicle inspection by the CHP. Vehicles are not inspected prior to sale and BW does not guarantee any CA state inspections will pass.

Salvage Title Description

A salvage title is issued to a vehicle for several different reasons. The most common is when the vehicle has been damaged and the repairs total more than the insurance company is willing to pay. These cars get sold at insurance auctions and most end up at auto dismantling facilities. Vehicles also get a salvage title after an acquisition purchase by a licensed automotive business, often times for vehicles with no damage. Although a "salvage" history on a vehicle typically means it has been in an accident in the past, not all salvage vehicles have been damaged.

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