Buying A Vehicle

How the Process Works

BW Auto Dismantlers has a new selection of repairable used and salvage cars for sale. If you don’t see a vehicle you’re interest in, please check back in a few weeks.

1. Find the repairable salvage vehicle you want online (click here)

2. Purchase your vehicle with either cash, cashier’s check, or money order (see your salesperson for more info)

3.California Sales Tax is collected at the time of purchase 7.25% (Please note: Sales Tax will NOT be collected again at the DMV)

4. The vehicle may be picked up after payment in full has been made. We can provide a one day moving permit (for road worthy vehicles) otherwise all other vehicles should be towed/hauled away.

5. We will provide the buyer with an invoice, a CA Bill of Sale, and a Reg 262 when the paperwork is ready.

6. Begin the registration process at the DMV after the vehicle paperwork has been received from BW Auto Dismantlers.

7. Go to the DMV and begin the registration process. DMV will collect the new registration fees based on the selling price of the vehicle. (There are NO BACK FEES on our vehicles)

8. DMV may issue a one day moving permit for you to obtain a brake and lamp inspection. After those have been completed, the DMV will issue a 30 day moving permit for you to obtain a smog check. This is required to re-register any salvage vehicle. (Note: Some vehicles may be subject to a CHP inspection and DMV will tell you when you register it.)

9. After registration is paid, brake, lamp & smog is finished, and CHP inspection is done (if applies) … go back to the DMV and finish the registration. They will issue your license plates and send your title in the mail.

10. Process finished!


craigslist sample image

Please Note:

  • Our Craigslist posts provide an updated list of parts each vehicle has each week. Pictures DO NOT reflect the current condition of the vehicle. Each vehicle displays the costs of all available parts. Please feel free to make a best offer!
  • Nationwide Shipping Available – No part too big or too small
  • Daily Parcel & LTL Shipping.
  • 6 Month Standard Warranty for Engines, Transmissions, and Transfer Cases. +1,2,3 year protection guarantee’s available.

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